Ballyhall Steiner Kindergarten

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Ballyhall Kindergarten (2-5)

Ballyhall Community Steiner Kindergarten provides a warm homelike atmosphere and an opportunity for the children to learn through imitation and activity. Creative play is inspired by the environment of both the home and the KG and plays a major role in the KG. Through creative play children are able to work through and develop capacities necessary for later life.


The child is reassured by the recurring rhythm of the day, the week and the year through the repetition of seasonal activities, festivals, and songs.

Teachers also work with a regular rhythm to morning and weekly activities, for example: music and verse accompanied by movement and gesture; stories, puppets, practical activities of gardening, cooking, sewing, washing and cleaning; artistic activities of drawing, painting and modelling.

All are experienced with joy and enthusiasm within a regular rhythm upon which the child can rely.

Toddler Group

Parent and Toddler Groups provide play opportunities for children and social opportunities for parents, carers and childminders in a relaxed atmosphere.

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