Our Mission

Receive the child with reverence, Educate with love, Relinquish in freedom.’

Rudolf Steiner

Vision/ Fís

With an approach rooted firmly in the educational principles of Rudolf Steiner, we aim to ignite a life-long love of learning by fostering the child’s natural curiosity for the world around them, and inspiring their innate love, connection, and respect for nature.

We aim to create an unhurried, holistic, and creative learning environment where we address the whole child in thinking, feeling, and doing. Cultivating physical wellbeing, a rich inner life, creativity, and joy in learning.

Our ethos understands the human being to be grounded not only in human culture but also in the natural world, as well as the spiritual world,and that it is essential for this connection with the earth and nature to be fostered while at school.

We wish our children to be confident, creative, free-thinking young people with a strong sense of self and an innate belief in the importance of their place in the world.

Our ethos understands that the qualities referred to here can only flourish within a framework of clearly agreed rules and boundaries which are respected, supported, and upheld by teachers, children, and parents alike.

Mission / Misean

We aim to provide a broad curriculum, balancing academic, artistic, and practical subjects in an environment free from the intrusion of electronic media.

We aim to provide an engaging and inspiring educational journey that equips our young people with skills that are relevant to the needs and challenges of the present and the future.

The relationship between teacher and child, and that of the child to their class are seen as important elements in education. Building social skills and nurtuing mutual respect, tolerance and compasion.

We wish to cultivating a learning community which encourages children, parents, and staff to unfold their potential in a safe, creative, and inspiring environment.

We foster an active school community of parents, family, and staff, bringing people together to play an active role in the school and providing opportunities to connect and to celebrate the seasonal festivals. We recognise that a strong sense of connectedness is crusial for our children’s wellbeing and for the future of our planet.

Agreed by the board June 022. To be reviewed annually.